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  • CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen


    CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen! Enriched with gentle mineral goodness and the magic touch of WATERMELOE – a blend of watermelon and aloe vera. Watermelon provides antioxidants that help shield delicate skin, while aloe vera, well-known for its soothing properties, keeps your baby’s and kiddos’ skin cool, hydrated, and happy! This worry-free formula makes sun protection…

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    SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen Bundle


    Two is better than one with CUBS SunCare Bundle! Save more when you grab two CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreens. Our WATERMELOE ™ formula caters to all skin types, offering ideal protection particularly for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Little ones adore the easy roll-on action, embracing the independence of applying it themselves. Grab this exclusive bundle for a bargain!

  • CUBS SunCare Kit


    Get ultimate sun protection with CUBS SunCare kit, now featuring the sought-after CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen, along with the bucket hat and bag – all thanks to popular demand. The CUBS bucket hat effortlessly adds flair and an extra layer of protection, while the reusable transparent tote bag is perfect for stashing your kids’ wet…