CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen

Kids’ skin is more sensitive…

But worry not because…

Did you know?

Kids’ skin is more sensitive than adults’ skin. This makes them more likely to get sunburned and hurt their skin.

Worry not! CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen is here to protect their skin from the sun and keep them healthy 🌞✨

Tired of sunscreens that don’t provide enough protection?

Do you worry about the harmful effects of UV rays on their skin?

Look no further!

Why CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen?

  • Lab-Developed Excellence: Crafted in our cutting-edge lab, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.
  • Heavy Metal Tested: Guaranteeing a worry-free experience, free from harmful substances
  • Ministry of Health Malaysia Certified: Official certification for your complete confidence in our product.
  • Superior Sun Protection: Our recent SPF test reports reveal that CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen exceeds the SPF30+ benchmark, ensuring superior sun protection every time.
  • Fun Roll-On Action: The easy and enjoyable application transforms sun protection into a playful experience
Amaze with the product! Sunscreen feels buttery smooth when applying. Leaves a silky glow without feeling any stickiness at all! Love it already!
Narisa Soraya
Loving the packaging! Texture is moist, something that I personally been looking for in kids sunscreen. Thanks for this, so many parents will love this!
Love that there’s sunscreen that’s safe for babies (yang i confident) and the fact that it’s roll-on it’s easy to apply to my active toddler. Looking forward to use on him especially in this Malaysian weather.
Fatihin Faizur
Interesting combination of aloe vera + watermelon, roll-on for the win, making us parents easier. Love how it is reef safe, thoughtful! No smell + no sticky! Awesome!
Elvina Chua

Why Buy Now?

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  • Safety Guarantee: Shield your family from UV villains with our SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen.
  • Join the Fun: Become part of the sunscreen revolution, turning protection into an enjoyable experience.
  • Prevent Premature Aging: Stop your child’s skin from aging prematurely! 🎉🌞 Embrace worry-free fun in the sun with CUBS SPF30+ Mineral Sunscreen!”
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